'Theres no health

like Mental Health'


Established in 2012 as a Community Interest Company, Welcome Me As I Am provides training and awareness on Spirituality, Mental Health and Dementia for Churches and Faith Communities as well as the wider community.

'Our mission is to ensure that our Churches and Faith communities provide a welcoming, nurturing and healing environment for all those whose lives have been touched by mental health issues as well as dementia. '

To this end we develop resources including online resources and provide awareness workshops to fit the needs of your Church or Faith community.Our training is underpinned by a sensitivity to spiritual issues as well as on equality and diversity.

We would like this site to be a haven of peace and tranquillity through which you may find some sustenance to nurture what is deep inside all of us in these challenging times. In the next few months we will be developing resources to meet the needs of those whose lives have been touched by the Covid 19 crisis - so do keep in touch !

Welcome to our new website. In these pages you will find resources and articles to help to promote spirituality, mental health and dementia awareness in your parish and beyond. The site is still growing and so do feel free to check for further resources

Ben Bano

Director, Welcome Me as I Am CIC

'All shall be well,
And all shall be well
And all manner of things will be well'

Julian of Norwich

‘Spirituality is associated with the human quest for meaning, purpose, identity, self-transcending knowledge, meaningful relationships, love and a sense of the holy’

Professor Peter Gilbert