Mental Health resources

In this section you will find some helpful materials to help to focus on Spirituality and links with Mental Health

The Covid crisis has brought in its wake trauma and grief to hundreds of thousands of people. Here are some recent articles on how we might provide pastoral support for those whose lives have been touched by Covid 19

'Healing the broken hearted' Ben Banop.pdf

The late Professor Peter Gilbert described the presence of spirituality as 'something deep inside me' Whether or not we have a faith belief we all have a need for our inner self to be nurtured and loved...

Universe Christmas edition 2128-12-18 page 43.pdf
Universe virus article.pdf
The Journey of Hope.doc

Above - A guide for facilitators of parish based discussions on mental health issues

P Gilbert article.pdf
Working with Mental Distress leaflet - vs 2017.docx

Above: A guide produced by Welcome Me as I Am and Telos Training on working with mental distress. NOTE: Some of the resources may have changed - please check first

Universe 19.12.2020pdf

A recent article in the Catholic Universe on the importance of sustaining the mental health of children in the Covid Crisis

A recent article by Ben in the midst of the Covid pandemic for the Christmas edition of the 'Catholic Universe'