Resources for caregivers

'You are engaged in restoring God's masterpiece'- the human mind and heart - to its original beauty . I can think of no greater work' - Fr Daniel O'Leary

Ben writes: In our daily life as a carer of someone whose life as been touched by illness of disability, we often need some spiritual sustenance, not least, to use the words of St Theresa of Avila - ' Yours are the hands through which he blesses all the earth'. You will find here some resources and reflections - more to come !

'And the darkness shall be the light'... T.S. Eliot

Self compassion resource sheet.docx

Left...SELF COMPASSION Its so easy to be hard on ourselves, particularly in the midst of difficulties when our caring responsibilities may seem overwhelming. Self compassion is a wonderful way of validating ourselves through learning how to practice compassion and kindness not just to others but to ourselves as well. Do access the recordings on Soundcloud from Dr Sarah Eagger and others and look at the other resources, for example the Mindful Self Compassion workbook - just the thing when you are feeling stressed...

Something so deep inside me(3)docx

'Something so deep inside me'. We ask a lot from caregivers in care homes - every day they have had to cope with challenges posed by the Covid pandemic which has left them traumatised and bruised by their experience. And we have had to find innovative ways of providing spiritual sustenance for residents during lockdown. This new guide provides ideas for staff, relatives and Faith Communities in providing spiritual sustenance for all in the home. Comments welcome !

I need you to minister to me.docx

Ben writes; In our daily lives as carers we all need encouragement and sustenance - and what can be more important than spiritual sustenance ? You will find on this page some reflections which you might care to look at during a quiet moment in your day...

Bano mini retreat.docx

Ben writes: I prepared this mini-retreat for caregivers in the midst of the covid pandemic. Just take a few minutes each day to find some quiet time in the presence of the Lord...

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It would have been so easy Lord.docx

Ben writes: We never know what is round the corner in our lives. I wrote this prayer when my wife had suffered a severe stroke - and in the crisis of covid 19 it is still relevant...

Prayer of a care worker in the covid 19 crisis.docx

Prayer of a Care Worker We ask a lot of care workers in residential homes and their work has never been harder than in the midst of the Covid pandemic when residents have been confined to their rooms and hope seems distant. At the end of her shift, a member of staff takes a few moments to reflect on the humanity of those fragile elderly people confined to their rooms

'Do not be afraid - you are mine'...