Dementia and Spirituality Resources

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Spirituality is a vital component of person-centred care - it contributes to a view of the 'whole person in retaining identity and selfhood when memory is fading...On this page you will find some of the slide presentations which Ben has developed over the last few years. We have also included contributions from the late Fr Daniel O'Leary who did so much to enhance our understanding of the 'sacred selfhood' of dementia. He inspired the preparation of the reflections 'Walk with me' on this page.

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Left - Some further reflections from Fr Daniel - the task of the carer is 're-menting, re-minding, re-membering


A parish discussion group looking at how people with dementia and their carers can be welcomed in the parish community

A Way of the Cross for carers written in 2013. It is obtainable from McCrimmons publishers

A beautiful video showing how communication is still possible when speech appears to have gone...

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An article by Ben on spiritual needs and empowerment in dementia

Some years ago Ben collaborated with CSAN in producing a video on the spiritual needs of people with dementia - 'Its still ME Lord'. Just copy and paste this link into your browser: